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(Chamada para a rede móvel Nacional)

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The perfect activity for sport fishing lovers who want to have the ultimate fishing experience.

Enjoy a six hour fishing trip 3 miles off the coast and learn about the Algarve marine life. Using fresh bait you'll have the opportunity to catch various types of fish, like the southern mackerel or the grouper and maybe take home a savory surprise.

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We'll travel 3 miles off coast and anchor our vessel. Reef fishing is a type of fishing where the bait sits on the bottom of the sea, close to the rocks. It is a family friendly activity and you have a high probability of catching something. The baits used to catch the various types of fish is shrimp and cockles.

You can also opt to go Shark Fishing 10 miles off coast, where the bait used is the sardine. On this type of fishing the shark will be released after being caught and it's called "Catch & Release". The most common shark species on the region are the blue shark and the shortfin mako.

*Note: Minimium value for departure:600€

Bottom Fishing

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Fishing equipment and bait

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  Hotel Pick up and Drop Off

  Meals and drinks

  Personal expenses

  Fishing license (paid for at check-in)


The monkey-rope is found in all whalers; but it was only in the Pequod that the monkey and his holder were ever tied together. This improvement upon the original usage.
Beginners and experienced fishermen
Common dolphins can be found throughout the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They are abundant in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in the Black Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Red Sea. At times, these dolphins follow the Gulf Stream up to Norwegian waters. In addition, scattered populations have been found in the Indian Ocean and waters near Japan. They seldom venture into the Arctic.
Ideal for groups of family and friends