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(Chamada para a rede móvel Nacional)

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During this journey you will have the opportunity to take a dip if sea conditions allow so. After discovering the coast, get ready to feel the sea breeze as the boats pull away from the coast on a quest to find dolphins. We invite you to stay aware and help us search for our friends. Our goal regarding the watching is that the dolphins come to see you, always respecting the animals and all the norms related to the observation of cetaceans. You will enjoy a scenic view of the coast and have the opportunity to contemplate wildlife, such as various species of birds, flying fish and maybe even sharks.

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 Marginal de Alvor Coordinates: 37.126482, -8.596230

Our Dolphins

Dolphins are very social organisms. Common dolphins are seldom alone. They travel together, they eat together, they even breathe together! The whole school can all be in the air at one time. Schools can contain as many as 1000 to 100,000 individuals. Common dolphins are the most abundant and wide spread species of dolphins.

In higher latitudes, when the first storms of fall move over the waters, females and their young assemble into large companies to face the vigors of winter. They depend on their large numbers to find food and on their speed and caution for protection. Males live apart from these large herds of females. Although they remain in the same area, they stay a considerable distance away until the warmer spring season approaches. Further separation of the sexes occurs in nursery schools of pregnant and nursing females.

The monkey-rope is found in all whalers; but it was only in the Pequod that the monkey and his holder were ever tied together. This improvement upon the original usage.
Bottlenose Dolphin
Common dolphins can be found throughout the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They are abundant in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in the Black Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Red Sea. At times, these dolphins follow the Gulf Stream up to Norwegian waters. In addition, scattered populations have been found in the Indian Ocean and waters near Japan. They seldom venture into the Arctic.
Delphinus delphis