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(Chamada para a rede móvel Nacional)

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Combine cruising along picture-perfect coastlines whilst battling big game fish, and you get
 – Big Game Fishing.

Maximum 7 hours of trolling for big game species in season. Potential target fish from Big Eye Tuna to White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna and more. All baits and lures are provided. Catch and release scheme is operated for all Bill Fish.

 Big game fishing, Algarve is one of the best destination in Europ for fishing Billfish as huge blue marlin, white marlin swordfish and giant bluefin tuna.

Every year the big game fishery in Portugal is exceptional, grander Atlantic blue marlin can be caught (1000 lbs +), but on average the fish weigh 650 lbs, but also some white marlins (50 lbs up to 100 lbs), swordfish xiphias (200 lbs ), bigeye tuna (100 lbs) some blue sharks, makos shark and hammerheads. (season from May to the end of October).

Take advantage of our beautiful coast and water, pleasant weather on spring and summer, and Big Game Fishing in Algarve, Portugal.

Two experienced skippers are on board to help you out with everything.

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Tour Lenght

7 Hours

Max People



 Marginal de Alvor Coordinates: 37.126482, -8.596230

Big Game Fishing

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Lifetime Experience
We look forward to the challenge and opportunity to catch fish of a lifetime with new customers and make eventful memories with regular customers.