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Have a great time together with family or friends, competing for the biggest catch of the day! We can welcome experienced beginners and fishermen.


The sport fishing boat is fully equipped for a jigging fishing excursion where you can join your family and friends for a relaxing but at the same time exciting experience.
The result will be unforgettable because the boat has enough space for 8 people between spectators and fishermen. Take food and drink and take pictures for later to remember.


The departure is from Alvor, and the trip can be made either eastwards, towards Faro, or westwards towards Sagres. The fishing takes place between these two geographical points as this vast area offers good fishing grounds due to the natural rocks and sand, and the ideal climatic conditions. Depending on where the fish are, we may travel from less than one mile to as much as 4 to 5 miles from the coast, to practice this fishing technique. The jig has to be constantly moving up and down in order to attract and catch the fish.

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4 - 8 Hours

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 Marginal de Alvor Coordinates: 37.126482, -8.596230

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Fishing equipment and bait

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Hotel Pick up and Drop Off

Meals and drinks

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Fishing license (paid for at check-in)

Jigging Fishing

Jigging is the practice of fishing with a jig, a type of fishing lure. A jig consists of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it and usually covered by a soft body to attract fish. Jigs are intended to create a jerky, vertical motion, as opposed to spinnerbaits, which move through the water horizontally. The jig is very versatile and can be used in both salt and fresh water. Many species are attracted to the lure, which has made it popular among anglers for years.

The jigging technique mainly involves catching fish by impaling (piercing) them with special hooks. In jigging generally, the line must be jerked to pierce the fish with sharp weighted hooks that when pulled will have sufficient momentum to penetrate the fish thereby preventing their escape. This gear is involved with the luring and capturing of slow moving fish most commonly during spawning periods. For successful jigging, the jigger needs to use a rod that is good for feeling a strike, and needs to stay in contact with the lure and get it to where the fish are. Most fish caught by jigs are on or near the bottom.

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We look forward to the challenge and opportunity to catch fish of a lifetime with new customers and make eventful memories with regular customers.
Jigging Fishing